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Our Story

It all started years ago on a general season Mule Deer hunt in Southern Utah...

I sat there frustrated and in disbelief. The big "muley" buck was long gone, and I was trying to pick up the remnants of one of the worst muzzleloader reload attempts in the history of man. I had spilled at least a fourth of my BH 209 powder on the ground, my funnel (which was more trouble than it was worth) was in the dirt by my feet, and I had lost the cap to one of my "Western Powders" charge tubes in the brush. What had been such an effortless routine at the range, became an absolute clown show when it mattered most. I ended up hiking out in the dark thinking, "There has to be an easier way..."


That experience started my search to find the perfect loose powder quick loader (or speed loader as some people call them). It needed to be easy to carry, easy to use (even with only one hand), and most importantly, difficult to spill. The problem was that it didn't exist... yet.

Since that time, I put my manufacturing engineering experience to use to design the ultimate funnel/quick-loader/all-in-one package. I made several prototypes, improving with each iteration until I arrived at "THE ONE."


We field tested the prototypes on a deer hunt, and they functioned perfectly. The problem was that the final product would have to be injection molded. I knew quite literally nothing about injection molding or even plastics in general... but I knew I could learn. It was simply too good of an idea not to bring to market.


We have come a long way since that time, and now I am proud to say that not only do we injection mold and assemble our own Cedar Mountain Quick Loaders at the base of Cedar Mountain in Cedar City, Utah, but we also programmed and machined all the molds required to do so.


We hope you will enjoy our product as much as our family has enjoyed the journey of bringing it to you.

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We are a very small family business, but our Goal is for 100% of our customers to be satisfied with their order.  We would love to hear your feedback or answer any questions you may have.  Also, if you are dissatisfied in any way, please reach out to us, and we will try to make it right.

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