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The Spill-Proof Quick Loader


designed for use with loose powder 

for .40 to .50 cal. muzzleloaders

At Cedar Mountain Quick Loaders, We Understand Buck Fever!

When it's cold, windy, low light, or your adrenaline is pumping, it can be very tricky to get all those loose powder granules down the barrel. That's why we set out to create the most innovative speed loader on the market for loading loose powder. Our patent pending design completely eliminates the need to carry a separate funnel in the field, EVEN WHEN USING A MUZZLE BRAKE! Our loaders work great with Blackhorn 209, Triple 7, Pyrodex, and other loose powders. Reload faster than ever before and never spill a granule. Watch the short video below to see it in action!

Loading Loose Powder Has Never Been So Easy!


Partially widen the loader angle from its closed/collapsed position.


Insert the loader tube all the way into end of the muzzle/brake.


Rotate the loader to 180 degrees to dispense the propellant.


Other Features We Think You'll Like...

Low Profile Design

Fits comfortably in your pocket or waist pouch.

Works With Muzzle Brakes

Our loader tube is 3" long, so you no longer need to carry a field funnel.

Rattle-Free Bullet Holder

Fits bullets up to 1.7" long! Internal Foam Spacer can be customized for your bullet length to eliminate noise.

Water resistant seal

An internal rubber gasket helps to keep your powder dry.

Fits Other Charge Tubes

Our loaders come with multiple charge tubes, but if you already own a bunch of these, they will fit too!